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Our Story

PCVL is an original collection of cast, sterling silver and gold talismans, made in NYC and Washington D.C.

Nolan Percival was born in Vancouver, Canada, where he studied art at Capilano College.  After discovering an interest in the casting process in college, Nolan enrolled in a jewelry making program.  During this period he excelled at the design, casting, and the finishing of silver and gold jewelry.  Not long after completion of this program, Percival moved to New York City where the creativity and energy of the city, helped shape the kind of designer he hoped to become.

After a decade working in luxury stores and the corporate offices of several major luxury brands in New York City, Nolan went on to form PCVL.  This is a line of cast sterling silver, and gold charms, earrings, cufflinks, and pendant clusters, and a continuation of the jewelry he has created over the past twenty years.  His pieces are substantial and bold, as a reaction to the trend of temporary, disposable pieces which are so common in today's market.  PCVL jewelry has a sense of permanence and stands out by being unique and original.  These hand-made pieces evoke playful imagery and symbolism to create a whimsical, modern statement for the wearer.  

Mr. Percival is fascinated by historical symbols found in early cultures, superstition, fashion, texture, and pattern.  Pieces in the collection were inspired by Nolan's extensive travels, and sometimes objects found in craft stores or toy shops become part of the line.  All of the pieces in the PCVL line are cast in Manhattan, and finished in Washington D.C. where Nolan currently resides.  Nolan Percival likes the challenge of taking something plastic, and designed to be temporary, and turning it into a beautiful piece of lasting jewelry.  PCVL pieces are created to last, and be shared with future generations.